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BizTalk Deployment Framework Extension

This package is an extension on top of the BTDF from Thomas F. Abraham, so it is NOT a replacement!!!

You will need the a >5.0 version of the BTDF package before using this extension.

This package will do the following:

It implements the following targets:

  • CustomPostExportSettings
  • CustomFinalDeploy
  • CustomFinalUndeploy


The installer of this package will create a few Environment variables. During the CustomPostExportSettings target these variables are use to collect the actual settings from the DeploymentSettingsService (WCF) and it will change the $(SettingFilePath) to a new filename $(BTSENV).xml (e.g. DEV.XML)...

The collections of the Settings is management in a custom MSBuild Task GetEnvironmentSettingsTasks; It will collect the ProductUpgradeCode and ProductId properties from the Deploy.btdfproj file and calls the Deployment Settings Service... After that it will write the $(BTSENV).xml file into the correct folder..

After that the default sequence of the BDFProj Targets will continue...

CustomFinalDeploy and CustomFinalUndeploy targets

After the deployment has been executed this Target will hook in; The purpose of this target will be logging of the deployment:

  • IntegrationVersion (actually ProductId GUID)
  • MachineName where the deployment has been executed
  • Username of the user who executed the Deployment
  • DateTime.Now
  • DeploymentType (Deploy or Undeploy)
  • EnvironmentType (DEV,TST,ACC,PRD)

Conceptual Design



Manage Settings in WebUI

Integration Overview

Integration Version Settings


Multiple and Custom Target Environments


The Extended framework is always depending on the 4 basic environments (EDEV,TST,ACC,PRD) but the framework will also support a custom target environment, e.g. DEV01... The only thing the user had to do is to add an new target in the WEBUI

Add new TargetEnvironment

Target Environments

Add Settingsvalues to an Integration Version Setting or Default Settings for each Target Environment specified in the DB.




Deployment Logging

Deployment Logs

Visual Studio Templates (VSIX) (BTS2010 & BTS2013)

The installer will also create a basic BizTalk Multiproject Templates, with the following projects:

  • Schemas
  • Maps
  • Orchstrations

And ofcourse the Deployment Framework Solution Items; Including the customizations.

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